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About Joanne Ostler – Career Spot Founder

Joanne Ostler Career Spot Founder

About Joanne Ostler – Career Spot Founder
Career, Executive and Life Coach
Based in Cambridge, Waikato, New Zealand

Professional Summary

Joanne is a professionally credentialed coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and has been providing career, coaching and personal development services since 2001. Joanne’s life-work purpose is all about empowerment – helping clients creating clarity, inspiration and momentum in their work and life choices and experiences.

Joanne’s coaching services website is and you can also contact her there, or on LinkedIn.

The majority of Joanne’s clients are mid-life professional people looking for something more or dealing with workplace, career and/or life stuff. They’re smart and capable people, but need someone to talk with to get clarity, insight, new tools and a plan of action. Joanne’s strength lies in creating deep and honest connections that facilitate insight and development. She offers clients a safe place to be really honest. Sounds simple, and it is, but it’s almost impossible to do on your own – and it’s a missing and critical ingredient in many people’s lives.

Joanne completed her coach training with the Neuroleadership Group and continues to use a neuroscience-based approach in her coaching because learning about how the brain works makes a really big difference to client results. Joanne holds a number of career and development credentials: credentialed in MBTI, Mindfulness Mastery, About My Brain Institute’s i4 360 assessment, Saville Psychometrics, LSI, certified as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) Coach, is a professional member of the Career Development Association NZ and has a Bachelor in Management Studies, Graduate Certificate in Career Development, and a Teaching Diploma.

And The More Personal

Joanne has had numerous career changes; a Management Degree and being a High School Teacher, Market Researcher (Fisher & Paykel), Manager (Enterprise Agency – Not for Profit), HR/Research Consultant, Career Consultant, E-Learning designer and since 2006, a self-employed Coach (when Joanne found coaching, it felt like coming home – a good sign)! Joanne has supported her husband through two redundancies, employment disputes and from his transition from a full-time employee and into his own business (Subway Franchisee – multiple stores – and Restaurant owner). Joanne lives with her husband and has two children at University and two stepchildren now both adults with their own families.


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