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A chat with – Michael Watson of Study Spy.

Brilliant career advice for students and graduates about a range of important items. Social entrepreneur Michael Watson (ex Cambridge High student), a triple dropout, launched a successful business, Study Spy.

He’s got some REALLY important messages. Jobs are changing so if you’ve got kids, or if you are looking at your own career development and what you want to do, I think you’ll find this relevant.

In this interview you’ll hear Michael talk about:

  • How he navigated after dropping out and changing direction three times (if this is you – hear his advice about how to find your way again)
  • How and why he started Study Spy
  • What a social entrepreneur is and why it’s really important to him (and potentially everyone and how/why he came to be one – it was not a straightforward path)
  • Why he turned down a career job with Microsoft and Uber Eats
  • His best advice for students – including struggling and “average” students who have no idea what they want to do
  • How to stand out from the crowd – how to get noticed and get picked up by employers
  • The biggest challenge/hurdle facing students right now
  • His biggest tips – what students need to do
  • Whether a gap is a good idea (you might be surprised)
  • Where passion comes from – because you don’t just “find” it – and how you can identify yours
  • What it means to diversify
  • What he’s passionate about now and next
  • … and more

If you’ve not heard of Study Spy – it’s a fabulous free resource for comparing training options – includes all NZ training providers and shows average income and graduate employment statistics for each course.

Thanks Michael!

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