Career Passion?

What’s your career passion? You don’t “find your passion”. There’s nothing wrong with you if you don’t know what it is! Listen to where passion comes from.

Here’s one answer from a successful millennial (and I think it’s a pretty good answer).

But before you watch this clip (it’ll only take 1 min of your life)… I invite you to think about how you would answer these questions:

  1. Where does passion come from, and
  2. What do you think your passion might be? 

Listen to Micheal’s take on this. (1 minute)

If you’ve not heard of Study Spy – it’s a fabulous free resource for comparing training options – includes all NZ training providers and shows average income and graduate employment statistics for each course.

Thanks Michael!

For more help, I suggest you check out the relevant Career Spot Ebooks.



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