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Here’s how millennial social entrepreneur Michael Watson of Study Spy got started. Micheal dropped out, changed course three times – and in frustration finally found something he cared about AND fitted with his natural skills/strengths. It’s a fast-changing world. The future of jobs is very different for our young people. Apparently, 60% of current school students will enter jobs that don’t even yet exist. (From book by Jo Cribbs – “Don’t worry about the Robots” – ie don’t worry but do prepare – work on yourself).

Watch Micheal’s story – it’s an awesome story! (4 minutes).

If you’ve not heard of Study Spy – it’s a fabulous free resource for comparing training options – includes all NZ training providers and shows average income and graduate employment statistics for each course.

Thanks Michael!

For more help, I suggest you check out the relevant Career Spot Ebooks.



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