A Chat with…  

Natalie Coombe

Motherhood and Careers

Hear why and how Natalie Coombe (one of the growing trend of entrepreneurial women and a single mum) left a high-flying corporate career to launch her own business.

Natalie is a single mum (by choice – through a fertility programme) and she made a very big decision to make a step off her successful path and to design a life she wants. Why did she do it and would she have done it if she didn’t have children? Check it out. See series of short Youtube clips below. It hasn’t been easy and Natalie shares her story including her challenges, mistakes, self-discovery and realisations with us. I hope you enjoy.

1. How and why did Natalie choose to leave her big corporate path, have a baby and start her own business?

What was her Game Changer moment? The one question, one moment that changed her life path.

2. There has to be a better way

What do you do when you’re a single mum and needing flexibility for work and family? There’s got to be a better way… hear Natalie’s solution.

3. Technology Revolution and Implications for Women in Business

In case you were wondering, we’re in a new revolution – the Technology Revolution. And it will continue to fundamentally change the way society interacts and the way individuals make a living. We discuss the impact this can have, especially for women in business. Check it out.

4. How do you find out what you love to do?

And what you’re good at? And what’s most important to you? And then… how do you do it?  And, why most people don’t know what they want to do when they are seven and why we shouldn’t be asking 15/16-year-olds what they want to do.

5. What really stops us making change?

Even when we know we want/need to? Personal and practical issues plus the question that can help get us unstuck.


When you’re watching:

  • Don’t just watch passively – you’ll forget 99% of it.
  • Do get a journal/notepad
  • Write down the key questions and insights such as:
  1. What’s most important to me? (A list of 5-10 things)
  2. What do I love/enjoy doing?
  3. What would I have to do, to make my new ideas a reality?

Then do it!

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