CVs & Cover Letters

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CVs and Cover Letters

Most people struggle when it comes to CVs and job search – and there’s good reason for that. The harsh reality is that job search is tough. It’s an emotional rollercoaster and you risk rejection and disappointment every time you put yourself out there. Plus people are generally not that savvy when it comes to their approach. They usually:

  1. Jump on job sites
  2. Dust off old cv (if they can find it) or panic, ask a friend for advice, and create a cv based on some-one else’s
  3. Ask around to find out if anyone still uses a cover letter these days and if you really have to (because they really don’t want the extra task)
  4. Fire off as many applications as possible, usually with very little customising
  5. Wait, with crossed fingers and considerable self-doubt

But here’s the deal: This is not the best way. Your chances of getting your best next job are vastly diminished.

You’re underselling yourself. It’s a random, scattergun approach, and you’re leaving it all to luck. Worse, you’re potentially actually damaging your chances and credibility in the market.

The harsh reality is that employers scan applications for an average of only 6 seconds and then decide whether you are in or out. That means your CV has only 6 secs to make an impression. So you don’t want your CV to show up any big red flags – those job hunting killers – or you’ll be out.

So, what do savvy people do? They do their research and they get help and this CV e-book covers all the essentials you’ll need for creating a great CV (and cover letter), including templates, tips and FAQs.



Your CV and Cover Letter

If you’re looking for a job, you’ll need a good CV and cover letter.  This ebook makes it easy for you to create a professional, attractive and modern CV – quickly.

Written by a NZ-based coach and career specialist, you’ll get professional tips and templates that are effective in securing interviews.

Remember that your CV has one major goal: to get you invited to interviews. It’s simply a marketing document designed to sell you to the employer, so they can see, even with a quick scan, how you match their requirements. There are only a few things you need to do.

Build a great CV that will market you effectively to employers

This ebook outlines your options for building a great CV that sells including

  • “Done for You” – using CV writers – including tips about what to be careful about: CV writers are not all great
  • Using online builder apps and building your online portfolio
  • Creating your own with Career Spot’s CV templates

There are pros and cons for each option including how quickly you want it done, how much you’re willing to pay for expert advice and how much effort you’re willing to invest in creating something great that will get you invited to interviews.

In addition to getting you interviews, a great CV can also provide:

  1. Confidence – seeing on paper what you can do, your skills, achievements and experience is a confidence booster.
  2. Clarity – writing a great CV forces you to get clear about what you want next and what you’re aiming for. Your goals are about what you want to do next in your career — and your CV needs to reflect that. We’re going to go through exactly how to do this.
  3. Support in your interviews – a good CV should give you the language, the words and the examples you need to shine in interviews.

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