How to Job Search

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Is job search getting you down?

Job search is time-consuming, soul-destroying and ripe for negative self-talk related to:

  • Lack of confidence, self-doubt, anxiety – am I good enough?
  • Will I need to settle for a lesser role – and all that means?
  • Am I ever going to get a break? Will anyone ever employ me? (What if I have no experience – no one gives me a break – what can I do?

One report suggests 60% of jobs are never advertised – so you need a better strategy.

But people do land jobs.

This ebook includes advice on how to approach job search – effectively. It tells you exactly what you need to do. It includes advice from a recruiter and a range of downloadable resources you can start using immediately:

  • Job Search Strategies Checklist
  • Job Search “Compass”
  • Job Search Emailer – to use for your networks (in word version so you can customise)
  • Job Search Record

People do land jobs – including my clients who are filled with all of this anxiety, self-doubt and with a history of rejections. Job search just takes time and it is a bit of a game.

You can do this. Imagine securing your great new role and all that will bring for you both personally and professionally- things such as: empowerment, success, influence, fulfilment, new people, new projects, new learnings, challenge, and growth.

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Job Search – Practical Strategies, Templates & Expert Tips from a NZ career development coach

Here are some of the common client job search issues covered in this ebook:

  • What are you looking for?
    What job do you want? Sounds a simple question, but many of my clients struggle to be really clear about this and that’s a problem.
  • How do people search effectively? Jumping on Seek and firing off CVs is often not very effective and only one of several strategies.
  • 60% of jobs are never advertised (actual percentage is variously reported – but it’s big) so you need to have a strategy that targets those roles.
  • Who are your networks and how to tap into the ‘hidden job market’ – I’ve got a template for you to make it easy.
  • Dealing with major barriers such as geography and age.
  • Tips for working with recruiters.
  • Basic guidelines and what to do and not do (including reviewing your “Google Footprint”).
  • How to use social media – including LinkedIn.
  • Other strategies – consulting, contracting, self-employment.
  • Mindset matters – what’s yours and how do you maintain positivity?
  • What if the rejections are piling up and you can’t seem to get a break?

Templates included:

  • Job search emailer to networks
  • Job search checklist
  • Your job search compass
  • Cold calling email templates

Job search is a numbers game. You have to keep getting out there. At some point, you’ll get an offer. In the meantime, try to have more than one “iron in the fire” at any one time — it might help take the sting out of rejections. And, don’t mind-read – whatever you think people are thinking about you, you’re probably wrong. If you’re getting rejections, it’s natural for your harsh self-critic to get into gear. Notice your own thinking and realise that you probably don’t really know what others are thinking and why you’ve been turned down. You are still you and you still have all your talents and skills to offer. The people rejecting you can’t take that away.

Want more? This ebook includes all of the above including your job search strategies, cold calling templates, your “Job Search Compass” and how to tap into your networks.

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