Here you can find FAQ’s & Tips on the Career Spot E-Books including CV tips and working with CV Templates.


Working with CV Templates

  • Download as WORD
  • Save the document onto your device: e.g. Joanne Ostler CV 2018
  • If you are new to Word, you may find the standard CV formats easier to manage
  • Two column CV formats are quite straightforward but a little fiddly in terms of working with text boxes
  • If you want extra help for working with text boxes you’ll find lots of short and free tutorials on YouTube – e.g.
  • If the template has a footer, remember to add your own name
  • (Note that the PDF downloads are simply examples to show you how the file ‘should’ look)

TIP #1

In NZ we’re lucky to have some great sources of online information. The information is generalised – and will never be as good as visiting in person and talking to people in jobs of interest – but it’s a good place to start to find out more about jobs, career paths and prospects. E.g.

TIP #2

Everyone knows to look for jobs on the big job websites like Seek and TradeMe, but not everyone knows some of the other sources such as:

TIP #3

Different devices open Word files differently. Sometimes a Word document will look fabulous on your screen but if you send to someone else, it shows up differently and perhaps with pages misaligned. This is obviously a problem! To avoid this problem, convert your Word file into PDF before you send. There are several free PDF converters (and lots of paid ones too). For example, here’s one that I use:


We direct most of our clients to these websites to look for what’s available on the job market.

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